9 Crazy Bios!

Serious Real Bio (as you can tell by the third person narrative)

Children’s author/illustrator Katie Davis has published nine books and appears monthly on the ABC affiliate show, Good Morning Connecticut, recommending great books for kids. She produces Brain Burps About Books, a podcast about kidlit, a blog and regular newsletter. Katie has volunteered in a maximum-security prison teaching Writing for Children and over the last dozen years has presented at schools and writing conferences. She’s a 2010 Cybils judge and has also judged the Golden Kite, smartwriters.com, and Frontiers in Writing awards. Recently Katie was selected to be on the Honorary Advisory Board for the Brooke Jackman Foundation, a literacy-based charity.

Old Funny Bio

Parsons, Pratt, Rhode Island School of Design.

I’ve walked by all these schools of fine art. I have attended none of them. I’ve always been creative but never thought I could earn my living as an artist. I could write though, so after graduating from college I went into PR and advertising. After getting fired six or seven times, I figured I should work for myself. Besides, I hated wearing panty hose. As author/illustrator I’ve had a stack of picture books published, and one novel, The Curse of Addy McMahon. My other novel manuscripts are getting rave rejections (so far).

Secret Bio

Unbeknownst to many, Katie Davis is the creator of a character called Scared Guy (TM) which was very popular in the late 80′s and early 90′s, especially in Japan.

Bio That Includes Stuff About My Family

I was born in New York City, grew up and went to the American College of Paris and graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Boston University. I got married and had two incredibly cute and talented children. Recently we adopted a dog named Mango, whom, coincidentally, is also incredibly cute and talented.

I love to go camping but never do, love to play tennis, which I occasionally do, and love to eat Hot Tamales candy, which I quit doing because I did it too often.

Haiku Bio

Katie Davis writes
and illustrates books for kids.
She loves what she does.

Limerick Bio

There once was a young girl named Kate
who knew not her future or fate
when she started to read
which planted a seed
that ended up blooming quite late.

When she finished her schooling
and found herself drooling
over books that were written for kids,
Kate tried to write
(most tries were a blight);
no one read what poor Katie did.

She spent most her time
on rhythm and rhyme
shooting to be the next Seuss.
But she didn’t know what she didn’t know
and ran circles in chasing that goose

After years of honing
and tons of moaning
and sometimes a hue and a cry,
Katie made a discovery
pointed out by her lover, he
told her ‘bout SCBWI

Now many books hence
Katie’s much, much less dense
and leaves rhymes to folks like the Doc
she writes and she draws
and works through the flaws
and when she gets to the end of
a limerick and has no idea how to end it
doesn’t self-flagellate because it’s
only going in her goofy faux bio.

Fake Bio

The title above says it’s the fake bio but that is fake. This is the real bio. I am actually a spy and I can karate chop bad guys and make contraptions better than MacGyver that seem like they’re blowing up but they never hurt anyone yet serve to distract the bad guys so all the good guys can run away fast. I can fly and I can eat candy for breakfast and a lot of cake for lunch every day and French fries for dessert yet stay fit and fabulous plus I only need four hours of sleep per night. Heck, make it two hours per night. I’ll get more done that way.

Twitter Bio

Children’s book author/illustrator, host of podcast, newsletter & blog, WTNH-TV regular book expert, Brooke’s Books advisory board member.

Rebus Bio

Rebus Bio

Video Bio

Writing for kids. Yay!

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