Episode #65 – A New Way to Sell a Picture Book

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Marc Tyler Nobleman is an author of more than 70 books including “Boys of Steel: The Creators of Superman,” which received multiple starred reviews and made the front page of “USA Today,” and a 2012 picture book on Bill Finger, uncredited co-creator of Batman. Every book offers two stories—the one in print and the one behind the scenes. His blog shares those latter stories, from research adventures to promotion gambles.

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  • a review from Julie Falatko of Chris Van Dusen's King Hugo's Huge Ego.
  • Here is info about the monthly tweetchat I'm co-hosting: Date: every first Wednesday, Time: 6-7pm ET It's the first Wednesday of October, and that means it's time to join marketing powerhouses Elizabeth Dulemba, Dianne de Las Casas and me when we co-host our Tweetchat! We will be discussing book trailers –  everything you always wanted to know but didn't know you needed to know! Here is the transcript from our booktrailer tweetchat.
  • How to join? I favor Tweetchat.com. You just enter the tweetchat's hashtag (#kidlitPRChat) once at the top and then just watch the tweetchat fly!

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In the interview you'll hear about how Marc is using his platform to get the word out on his as-yet unpublished (that is, un-bought) picture book and the coverage in many kidlit blogs like

Feedback he's gotten on the book:
“I think it’s brilliant! He’s probably a pioneer, and we’ll see a lot more books being offered this way. I love it.” – Valerie Hobbs, author
“Now THAT is clever self-marketing.”- Betsy Bird, Fuse #8
“The post is visually compelling, the story he tells is compelling, and the story the book tells is compelling. It’s a trifecta. … Don’t you want this manuscript to get published? I find that I do, both for the story itself and for Marc’s passion.” – Greg Pincus, Happy Accident
“Of course, I would definitely purchase this book for my library, and when it does see the light of day (note that I say ‘when' rather than ‘if'), I'm sure others will do the same. You truly have a gift for conveying historical information in a way that tells a story and draws in your readers.” – Kristen Monroe, Denver librarian
“I so hope this one gets published! I also thank you for your courage in presenting the idea this way and seeking less traditional ways to get it the attention it obviously deserves.” – writer Julie Hedlund
“I am now totally engrossed in this Thirty Minutes Over Oregon saga.” – Karen Morgenstern, Los Angeles librarian
“Ingenious” – Keri Collins, educator
“Would I add this book to my collection? Without hesitation! … it seems to me that there are several niches this book fits.” – Linda Williams, Connecticut librarian
“We would certainly buy this one.” – Jane Drabkin, Virginia librarian
“Yes – this story would definitely find a home here.” – Marie Girolomo, Connecticut media specialist

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