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Want to know how to make a picture book dummy? Are you a writer and wonder whether you even need to create a dummy? Download this 12 minute video tutorial and you will learn:

  • how and why to create a dummy
  • how published authors and illustrators create dummies
  • how to “buy room” in your dummy for more space for your story
  • what to put into your dummy
  • whether or not to include art notes, and when you should


Click the BUY NOW button to pay $14.99 for this tutorial on How To Make a Smart Dummy!You will instantly be brought to the page where you click to watch the tutorial and voila! You're no dummy!

Once you click the button you'll see a PayPal button. If you want to use your credit card, click that PayPal button and you'll be given the choice of which credit card to use instead of PayPal. Also, make sure to bookmark the product page once there, because though you have lifetime access to it, there are limited downloads of the product.
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