The internet is visual, right? So what grabs people? What gets them to your blog? Visuals! You can do many things with infographics.  You can:

  • Share other peoples’ infographics on social networks
  • Create your own on any topic
  • Create your own to promote a Webinar, Teleseminar or eBook
  • Use them as “cheat sheets”
  • Give them to your list as “cheat sheets”
  • Pin them to a Pinterest Pinboard to drive leads to your blog or website

This will guide you through how to create them, shows you easy, non traditional ways to find keywords, includes help with

  • brainstorming your infographic
  • planning it
  • deciding on elements to include
  • creating your infographic
  • finding tons upon tons of resources including links to free graphics programs
  • how to make it buzzworthy

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