Zombie Baseball Beatdown
October 30, 2013

I just couldn’t. I couldn’t! Betsy Bird’s Scary Books for Halloween | Betsy Bird Reviews episode last week was SO awesome I had to keep it up for this week too.  If you didn’t hear it, enjoy! And BOO!  

October 23, 2013

Podcast #155 Share this with your tweeps, click here to tweet about it! Announcements I have an AWESOME video to go with this podcast – see below! You can see us talking about and showing the books, and check out the animation of the Halloween jingle (it’s only 27 seconds). Would you like to get…

October 21, 2013

I’m going to be interviewing Betsy Bird, she of A Fuse #8 Production. We’re going to be recording a very scary Halloween edition for the podcast. Stay tuned! BwaaaHAHA!!!!

October 31, 2011

Could this fan of Mabel the Tooth Fairy and How She Got Her Job be any cuter? Her teacher gave the kids an assignment to make a pumpkin with a character they love, and she picked my Mabel! Thank you!