May 5, 2014

The faculty was stellar and I’ve included who was there below because it was a seriously rocking group. The attendees were fantastic, and a special shout out to the organizers, Donna Boock, Kim Briggs, and Alison Green Myers, who did an amaaaazing job. We even talked about that in the car on the way home….

May 1, 2012

Hi Katie, I love your work. Both your poems and illustrations–I also love your many bios 🙂 Was wondering if you had time to look over my poems and ills on my poetry for kids site. There is roughly 30 poems, so you’re looking at a half hour total … I’ve been cartooning, writing and…

March 10, 2012

One of our attendees was Doug Wechsler, a guy who is definitely following his bliss. He is an amazing nature photographer and also is credited with the shots below.

March 9, 2012

  Making the Web Work for You was AMAZING! Great attendees, great faculty, and better than any of us? The chefs! I would’ve taken pictures of the food, but it was gone by the time I remembered to. I got one shot, of breakfast our last day. Check out where you would stay if you…

Reading is Fundamental
February 22, 2012

Subscribe for: iPod, iPhone & iTunes / Zune / Android Buy the podcast app! Sponsored by The Highlights Foundation – check out the amazing workshops they have! Here is an episode I did with the people who are presenting Making the Web Work for You. Also brought to you by – click here for…