How to Write a Children's Book | Launch Team Announcment

You won't believe how this info is going to change your writing life! 
My friend Dave and I sometimes talk on Facebook about books and keywords. He's known as the “Kindlepreneur” and knows a ton about keywords and the importance of them in relation to Amazon rankings.
He said to me, “You’ve heard the phrase ‘the early bird gets the worm'?  Well, writers who are smart about selling their books say, ‘the book that shows up first usually gets the sale.'”
Then he told me this shocking statistic:
44% v. 8%
If your customer does a search on Amazon, the book that gets clicked on 44% of the time is the first one listed.  The second and third? They only get a measly 8-14% of the attention. Wow!
So of course I asked Dave to contribute a chapter for the next awesome updated edition of How to Promote Your Children's Book. 
I want to give you that chapter NOW.  IN ADVANCE.  You won't have to wait for the new edition.
In fact, I'm giving it to everyone who clicks here and joins my launch team for this new book, How to Write a Children’s Book.
Team members will learn about keywords and rankings, which you can see already from the statistics above can play a HUGE factor in the success of your book.
Plus, since I launched my last book at #1 on Amazon, I learned a bunch of new secrets and tips that I will be using for this launch.
Want to know what those are?
Just click here to join the launch team for this new book, How to Write a Children’s Book.

By being a part of the team, you will:

  • learn techniques I used to launch my book How to Promote Your Children's Book at #1 on Amazon in 2014
  • know in real time whether the new things I’ve learned about how to rank higher on Amazon will work
  • can apply these methods to your own books.  

It’s completely free to join the team; you’ll learn valuable lessons to use on your own books, and be eligible to win one of the following prizes worth a total of $1,131.70!   

  • Video Idiot Boot Camp, (the course for people who think videos are hard to create, selling for $297)
  • How to Create Your Author Platform, (selling for $597)
  • 2 copies of Book Markets for Children’s Writers 2016 (selling for $26.95)
  • 2 copies of Magazine Markets for Children’s Writers 2016 (selling for $26.95)
  • 10 copies of How to Write a Children’s Book (in paperback selling for $9.95)

So, want to know how to get your book ranked higher on Amazon?

Click here!

Join the team and you'll watch me go through the process.

Membership will be open for one week, then the doors will close; there is a process to a book launch and we’ll need to move forward so don’t delay.
Sign up now at and you’ll get an email about the first way Amazon ranks the books listed in their store, plus Dave's info on how to get the right keywords for your book. You want your book to be first in an Amazon search, since customers are most likely to choose the first one they see, and not scroll down.
I love teaching this stuff to other writers, so…

Click here!

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