•  Do you want to sell more books?
  • Do you need motivation to get involved in social media?
  • Do you have no idea how or when to even get started building your online presence (or creating your “platform”)?

The 30 chapters include things like…

  • how to get started in social media
  • why you need to be involved in social media
  • organizations to join
  • how to build your community
  • personal appearances (book festivals, school visits and more)
  • why reciprocity rocks
  • resources to use as springboards to get your going

The real life exercises at the end of each chapter will get you motivated and started on your path to promote your book, and build your career. Over 60 authors, illustrators, and librarians contributed countless (I tried but lost track) pieces of advice to promote your book and support your career. There are resources, links, and videos.

…this book could save your promotional life.

Simone Kaplan
picture book editor, consultant, coach

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