The Writers’ Block ($37/mo.)

A Birthday Gift for YOU

Since my birthday's in January, I've decided I'm offering a birthday present to my new Neighbors! Join us on The Writers' Block by February 15 and you'll pay $27/month as long as you're a member.

What?! Yes! Less than $1 a day for the opportunities and knowledge listed above. It's month-to-month, so you can quit at any time. On February 15, the price will go up to $37/month (still a good deal, but $27 is better, amiright?)


As a member of the Writers' Block, you're our “Neighbor.”

Here is what you get:

  • Opportunities to enter the TWICE monthly drawing to have your work critiqued live in our “Block Parties” ($300 value)
  • Exclusive Industry Guest Expert Interviews and access to the replays ($49 value)
  • A written Guest Expert Q&A with even more in-depth expert content (PRICELESS)
  • Private Facebook group to connect with writers
  • Monthly live “Joker's Wild” where the Writers' Block Neighbors get a voice in what's on the menu. Q&A? Live writing sprints? Bonus critique workshop? And of course, access to the replays. (Value: $200, but really, priceless!)