#123 – A Sweet, Mama-Loving Dragon and a Danger-Loving Princess


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3 Responses to #123 – A Sweet, Mama-Loving Dragon and a Danger-Loving Princess

  1. Taurean Watkins says:

    Hi Katie, another great episode. Your guests keep getting better.

    I took part in your webinar on Dec 13th, and while I can’t come to the Italy Writer’s “Rennisance” retreat being male, I truly wish all those lucky women who are going safe travels and best wishes for a literary journey they’ll never forget.

    Thanks for at least giving me a little taste of the event via the webinar, I learned a lot, and I hope a classy (Platonic) pen pal of mine (From the U.K.) who is a woman, can go before spots are filled up. She’s had a hard year personally and if anyone deserves this chance it’s her.

    Take Care,

    P.S., Thanks for answering my questions at the webinar, sorry you had trouble with my first name, trust me you aren’t the first, and I’m the same way with some Greek names. it’s pronounced Tar-Ian, silent “u.” Or just call me “Taury” which is how I ask my cousin’s young kids to call me since they have a hard time saying my given name at the moment.

    That said, other folks have a harder first name to wrap your tounge around than mine, and I think all the women named Hermoine in the world owe J.K. Rowling some gratitude for not only helping people across the world better pronounce their name, but even made it “hip” for a time.

  2. katie says:

    Thanks, Taury! 8-) Sorry about that mangling though! I also thought that about Hermione! Please do let your friend come. I can guarantee she’ll have a BLAST!

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