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  • Rhonda K. Gatlin
    February 1, 2019 - 5:33 pm · Reply

    I am enjoying your podcasts and I am learning about goals, different ways to stay positive with the success journal. I have already started reading my free copy of How to Write A Children Book. I have completed the first writing prompt using the firedogs as my picture. I plan to put it on my blog. Please go on and read it and leave me a comment. I started a blog when I wrote my first book. It was published December 16, 2016, Granny’s Cobbler a Counting Book, but I did not know the ins and outs of blogging so it fell by the wayside. Now my second book has been published, September 4, 2018, Aggie’s Purple. Hands. Now I am ready to start the third book in the series. Aggie is in all three books as the protagonist. I’m just not quite sure how to get her to the next age group. Book 1 she was 6 book 2 age 8 and the next book she is 9 or 10. Each book is about an experience out of my childhood. Book 3 Aggie has to move away from her grandparents and friends. I have my outline, but I could use some added advice. How much does it cost to take a class? I haven’t got a lot of money. I am still paying my publisher Mascot Books for my books. I have had some book signing but not enough to make a dent. I heard Viviana Kirkfield today and I was an elementary teacher for 39 years, but I didn’t start writing until I was 62.

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