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#130 – An Author Visit to Sandy Hook


If you heard episode #124, you know that Marc Tyler Nobleman had the idea for an author “talent show” for Sandy Hook almost immediately. Here is the wonderful, loving, and positive result of that idea. This visit was profoundly moving, and complete normal. The authors and illustrators joked, talked, drew, and taught the way we always do in a visit, and the kids responded the way kids always do: they laughed, sang, interrupted, and cracked us up with their unexpected and funny responses.

This felt good on so many levels, and I’m glad to share it with you. I managed to get enough audio to give you an idea of what the day felt like. The audio isn’t always great, I warn you, because we were in an auditorium. The presentations are cut short, but I urge you to do whatever you can to get these authors to your district’s school, no matter where you are!

Special thanks to Media Specialist Yvonne Cech and Isabel Almeida at the United Way of Western Connecticut for helping make this possible! Apologies to the many others who also were integral, but I don’t know who everyone is!

The authors involved in the visit were:

Susan Hood

Bruce Degan

Marc Tyler Nobleman

Tad Hills

Bob Shea

Mike Rex

Daniel Kirk

Alan Katz

Vincent Kirsch

Tracy Dockray

Meghan McCarthy

Here is an article in School Library Journal.

An Author Visit to Sandy Hook

2 Responses to #130 – An Author Visit to Sandy Hook

  1. Gayle Swift says:

    The genuine emotion that came through the podcast was heartwarming. What joy I felt as I heard the children’s laughter. Thank you for bringing your ttalents to the kids. I know this breath of normalcy was effective.

    Please keep your podcast coming, Katie.

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