Episode #30 Is "Kidlit" a Dirty Word?

Is “kidlit” a bad word? Should you pay to get pubbed? What is the Vulcan Mind Meld of writing exercises?

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  Show Notes

Episode #30

Betsy Bird Review: A Dog's Way Home by Bobbie Pyron
Feedback from Loreen Leedy,

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In this show I talk about:

  • What I learned from Betsy Bird's latest blog post about the term “kidlit”and what the following children's literature bloggers have to say about that:
  •  And the response from Betsy herself!
  •  Questions from David Nash on both Christian publishing with Tommy Nelson, and a response from experienced Christian author (and freelance editor), Christine Kohler and a question about where to get info for a newbie writer so I told him about…
  • SCBWI.  I got info for David from the Alaska Regional Advisor, Cherie Stihler. You can email her here.
  • My New England SCBWI conference podcasting adventure – call in questions for the faculty!
  • Grace Lin's question about re-using content across platforms and my post about this on the Blue Rose Girls blog.
  • The Vulcan mind meld poetry exercise that will blow your mind!
  • Call in or email your questions for Alexis O'Neill, school visit expert!

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