August 1, 2014

Brain Burps About Books Episode #189 Eric Carle Museum, Highlights Foundation Partnership Teaching The Whole Book, the Common Core, & More with Alison Green Myers & Rosemary Agoglia   Click here to get on the priority list for, my new service that I’ll be introducing soon! Affordable customizable videos created especially for writers! Today’s interview…

March 10, 2012

One of our attendees was Doug Wechsler, a guy who is definitely following his bliss. He is an amazing nature photographer and also is credited with the shots below.

March 19, 2010

Yesterday was fabulous at Wolcott Street Elementary School! The kids were enthusiastic and the teachers welcoming. I was even taken out to a lovely dinner out with two teachers and the principal! Yesterday were the general assemblies, and today I get to run workshops with the older grades. Photos to come!