Brain Burps About Books Lunch 'n Learn with Author Katie Davis Session 17

Brain Burps About Books Lunch ‘n Learn with Author Katie Davis is a 30 minute themed Q&A. This week's theme is a simple Q&A about marketing your books.
If you plan to come, and want to ask questions, see below on how to do that.
Note from Katie: only Google users (people with a G+ profile or Gmail address) can do this, and I will ONLY see them on the event page which is always at
To ask a question:
Click “Ask a new question” at the bottom right corner of the viewing window. Type your question in the text box that appears and click Submit. You can delete your own questions at any time by clicking the dropdown menu on the top right corner of the question.

The Lunch ‘n Learn is a weekly live themed marketing show from Katie Davis, a video marketing maven who talks on a theme, and answers your marketing questions on that theme. It's all about being an author, building a platform, and marketing your books and yourself.
Katie's a writer in business helping writers. She has a #1 podcast in iTunes about publishing, her book on how to promote your books called (How to Promote Your Children's Book: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets to Create a Bestseller) launched #1 on Amazon in Marketing, and remains Top Rated. Katie  teaches tech-wary writers how to build and strengthen their platforms through her video course, Video Idiot Boot Camp. She coaches writers on social media and marketing, or as Katie calls it, “making friends and meeting people.”
Here you can watch session 17 live at noon, but remember, if you want to ask questions go to the event page here.

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