Yep, you’re my Neighbor now! That’s what I call my fellow writers on the block…The Writers’ Block, because we are a community.

First thing I’d like you to do is add to your contacts and/or safe senders list, so our emails won’t go into your junk box. If you don’t know about this practice, AFTER you’ve read this email, go to this link to read a simple way to handle your specific email service.

Second thing you need to do is join the Facebook group HERE. This is where our Neighbors talk and ask writing questions. Plus, it’s an easy place to reach me and find quick announcements about your membership.

Third thing is watch the short video tutorial below. I created it for you, to explain how to access your benefits.

Below is information on how to access the benefits of being on the block: our twice monthly Block Parties, aka online critique workshops. Anyone can enter the random raffle to get a critique on anything up to 1,000 words…and we do it twice a month!

And remember, though no refunds are given since it’s a month-to-month membership, you can cancel at any time through your dashboard. Your account is private for your safety so if you want to cancel or pause your membership, so YOU are responsible for doing so.

To access the Writers’ Block dashboard

  1. Go to
  2. Hover your mouse over “Writers Block” in the upper left corner.
  3. If you’re not logged in, the drop down menu will say “Log In.” Click on “Log In” to log in.
  4. You created your log in info at checkout. Log in with your email (or username) and password. That said, you can change your password or account info at any time from here: If you ever forget your password, you can reset it on the login page by clicking “Lost your password?” at
  5. Once logged in, hover your mouse over “Writer’s Block” in the upper left corner. Upcoming Events and the Neighborhood Library will appear in the drop down menu.


How to Access Your Writers’ Block Benefits

Under Upcoming Events you’ll find…um…upcoming events. Betcha guessed that already? On the Upcoming Events page, click on the individual event’s date and you’ll find all the login info.

For a chance to get a critique at one of our Block Parties, go to the individual Block Party event page on the Upcoming Events page to enter the drawing. (Deadline to enter the drawing is about one week before the Block Party date. See the tutorial image below, too.)

In the Neighborhood Library, you’ll find all our resources and replays for you. There is formatting information there, and instructions in the form of a picture tutorial on how to enter in the twice monthly drawings to get a critique. Sometimes you just might find a few bonuses there. Go check it out!