Procrastination, disorganization, lack of knowledge, and overwhelm. These are the top reasons people don't get their writing done, submitted, or published.

You've come to the right place if:

  • you want to learn the how-tos of writing
  • you want a chance to get your manuscripts workshopped
  • you want to be supported and guided through a community of like-minded writers
  • you would benefit from the advice from someone who's been both traditionally published (with Harcourt, Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, and more) as well as independently. 

I've sold just about a million copies in total. (Last count was in 2017 when I was just under a million, so I'm guestimating on past counts!)

See a replay of a Block Party, aka critique workshop, below.

Get Actionable Support

When I started The Writers' Block in 2016, my goal was to create a welcoming, warm, supportive group where writers could get personal and actionable help. I wanted to offer solid guidance on the problems in a manuscript, and with all those other crummy obstacles you hit when you're a writer. It has become a custom-tailored, inspirational community for writers. And I wanted to offer it at a do-able cost.

So, what exactly is The Writers' Block?

It's a virtual community—a private clubhouse—offering you writing inspiration and support, publishing instruction,  expert knowledge, marketing skills, and more. It's a place to get encouragement to keep you going when the going hits a dead stop; it's a welcoming front porch when you just can't seem to continue or even get yourself started.

As a member of the Writers' Block, you're our "Neighbor."

Here is what you get:

  • Opportunities to enter the TWICE monthly drawing to have your work critiqued live in our "Block Parties" ($600 value)
  • Facebook group to connect with writers
  • And of course, access to the replays.

Here are some of my Neighbors' responses when I asked whether they would continue into the next year:

What is The Writers’ Block?
Debbie Meline

What is The Writers’ Block?
Karen Susie

What is The Writers’ Block?


A Gift for You

Join us on The Writers' Block and you'll only pay $37/month as long as you're a member. That's just about a $1 a day for the opportunities and knowledge listed above. It's month-to-month, so you can quit at any time.

You get hundreds of dollars worth of benefits, support, multiple monthly opportunities to have your work critiqued, and tips every month through this special deal. Isn't about $1 a day a good investment in your writing?

Interested in a one-on-one critique? Click here.