3 Responses to #7 – Brain Burps About Books: Marketing Q&A

  1. Taurean Watkins says:

    I’m a CBI member and have been following along the the marketing-centric edition of Brain Burps and I want to listen to episodes 6 and 7 in their entirety.

    But for weeks I haven’t seen episode 6 (The uncut version) at the CBI website, at all. Episode 7′s not there either. Did Jon not get them? Or was there some technical issue?
    I know you’ve had a slow start to the year, as I and others, but I’d thought you’d want to know. I sure have my days of “Thinking I did this, but I didn’t, or something went wrong without my knowing” type situation.

    • Katie says:

      Hi Taury, You’re right, I’m still trying to figure out how to get my books written, the first podcast done on time, the second podcast done AND get Video Idiot Boot Camp launched! LOL. But #6 was published, and #7 was uploaded on Monday. I do believe Jon is publishing them every 2 weeks – though he and I are still working out our system, too! So please be patient while we get in the flow. While you’re being patient, check out the earlier episodes of the show before I separated out the marketing – you’ll get tons of info there – in over 100 episodes!

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