Episode #62 – Divorce Wishes and a Breadbox: Laurel Snyder

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Laurel Snyder and I talk about the danger of getting what you wish for (it’s not what you might think)!
In this episode you’ll hear …

  • a World of Julie review: Bear With Me by Max Kornel
  • a Take5 Marketing Tip from Dianne de Las Casas : EPKs (Electronic Press Kits)
  • Marie Laderoute: picture book series with answers from me, my agent, Elizabeth Harding of Curtis Brown, LTD as well as authors Karleen Bradford, Dian Curtis Regan , Lee Wardlaw
  • Again, transcript for the tweetchat I’m co-hosting with @Dulemba and @storyconnection, #kidlitPRChat is HERE
  • me thanking the people who are buying this stuff
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In the interview with Laurel we talk about

  • her new magical, yet realistic novel, Bigger Than a Bread Box
  • how our lives seep into our writing
  • why her novel Any Which Wall is one of my all-time faves
  • why it seems old fashioned, even though it’s not



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