Poetry Retreat

Positive Thought #2

I thought my positive thought was going to be “I get to eat my mom's stuffed peppers this week which I only get once a year on my birthday!” but I'm going bigger (apologies to Mom!)
On Thursday I'm driving to a convent to attend a long weekend-long poetry retreat. It's very small, I think maybe a dozen writers. All are respected names, and their work has impressed me over the years to the point of sighing and drooling over their talents. Some are friends of mine; most I haven't yet met.
I've been very nervous because as you know if you read my attempt at poetry during April of '08, I do what I call “party trick” poetry. I can whip out a silly limerick or haiku but serious stuff eludes me and frankly, makes me nervous. But then I think of someone like Douglas Florian whose work I adore. He is clever and funny and he's a poet.
So my positive thought for today is funny poetry counts. Also, for good measure: I will be confident in my poetic ability

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    January 3, 2010 - 6:41 am · Reply

    Katie: I suppose this retreat is a birthday gift to yourself? {} How sweet of you!

    A poetry retreat? Oh my g-d. Sounds so lovely. Sounds inspirational. Sounds positive.

    I would love to hear more about it after you've retreated into the land of poetry.

    I am excited for you. Enjoy every moment.

    And.. an early happy birthday Happy Prayer for you. {}


  • Katie Davis
    January 3, 2010 - 7:24 am · Reply

    Thank you, Pamela! Yes, I am very excited about it. I think I will learn a lot. I'm going because poetry is spare and I'm not. I hope to learn to be more spare in my picture book texts.

    Will def post about it next week!

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