"Help me, I'm Freaking Out!"

What did dozens and dozens and dozens of my peeps write to me when I asked them, “What can I do for you? What do you want to learn?” This:

  • “I know some tech but I’m stuck! Help!”
  • “I know I need video on my site, but what, other than book trailers?”
  • “I want to start an email list but I’ve got no idea how to start or build one.”
  • “I’m freaking out! How do I balance all of this, and marketing with my writing?”

They let me know what they needed, what’s stumping them, frustrating them, and basically just freaking them out.

Guess what I learned?

No one is alone!

There were definite threads going through every response. People asked for help in five main categories:

  1. Video and Tech: how to make videos, then what to do with them, how to embed and distribute them, and website/blog issues
  2. Email Lists: how to develop one, run one, and why (note: this is SO crucial!)
  3. General Marketing: how to not be pushy, how to make your own best opportunities, how to get the biggest bang for your “buck”
  4. Social Media: how to use it to your best advantage
  5. Balancing all of the above with writing!

I realized I needed to put together something that could truly be of value to my peeps. I’m so excited to share this–I hope you’ll check it out because I really think it will help you!

Click here if you’re curious.




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