Videos For Writers

Not techy? You need to read this.

If you know me you know I believe EVERY writer needs to be using video. Video connects you to readers, it can expand you career and grow your career. It helps you build your platform, and can help you establish expertise and find fans. It can legitimize you by making your site look more professional, not to mention give your site a boost through the video-loving search engine optimization of Google.

Because of my fascination for what video can do––I mean, it’s truly amazing!––combined with so many writer pals who moan their lack of tech ability, I started thinking about what I could do to help them. Then I started hearing what people were paying to have videos made for them. Holy cow.

Then that site that rhymes with shmamazon started creating :60 videos for writers that are $2,300! I knew I could offer something waaaay more affordable than that insane number.


Writers just want to write. But videos are powerful. You cannot afford not to put them on your site. You’ll be left behind just like the writers who never got a website.

So I decided to figure a way to help writers on a budget boost their careers with videos. It took about year to figure a way to do it and it’s almost ready to unveil.

It’s called What is it? Customizable videos for writers. I’ll offer a choice of REALLY inexpensive video templates created especially for writers. You’ll tell me how you want it customized and boom! You’ll have a customized video for your site.

They’ll be available soon. Anyone who gets on my Priority list will receive a discount off the already discounted launch price! Click here to sign up or to to sign up now!


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