Donating to the Dodd Center for the Book at UCONN

What a process! I can finally get back to a normal schedule after working so hard at collecting all my crap book-related materials for the book archives at the Dodd Center for the Book at UCONN.

Here is what my flat files looked like before I got things organized. Mind you, I haven’t done a thing to them since I started stuffing them full of stuff 12 years ago!


The next stage, after this horror show, was to organize everything into piles by project, using every possible surface in my studio:
Next, Terri Goldich, the infinitely patient and complimentary archivist from the Dodd Center, arrives at my studio and in short order unloads her jeep with no windows, and we sort everything into acid-free folders, files, and boxes to be carted away to the archives. And we needed more!

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