2009: The Year of Positive Thinking

I’ve not been posting much (or at all) over the holidays, so here’s a double coupon Wednesday! Two entries for the price of one!
I have been away in the sun, celebrating a big, gigantic, wonderful birthday. While my DOB is listed in my books, and I don’t care about telling people my age in person, suffice it to say it is consider a pretty big one. One friend of mine gave me fifty gifts! I have NO idea why she would give me that many. But I digress.
One of the best was a book called If I Live To Be 100 (and since this is my Year of Positive Thinking) I crossed out “If”, and inserted “Will” so that the cover now reads “I Will Live To Be 100”. I’ve always assumed I would, and the author, Neenah Ellis, assumes that as well. Let me say, I practically never read nonfiction. I could not put this book down. I found myself tearing up frequently and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t due to the copious pina coladas I was served.
This book so inspired me that I came home and instantly started writing a new picture book, something I’ve not done in years. They just haven’t been coming into my head. My kids are teenagers now (my 12-3/4 daughter would love that I called her a teen already as I keep insisting she is not yet that old) and I’ve been working on a young adult novel for some time. It’s funny that a picture book popped out, but here’s the thing…it’s about my grandfather, who did not, in fact, live to be 100.
Next week I will write more about my Year of Positive Thinking. It’s a great idea. You’re going to love it (see that right there was positive thinking)!
See you soon,

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