3 Examples of How Montana is Not Like New York and 1 Example of How We're Alike

I went on a school visit in Montana recently. The kids weren’t the only ones who learned something. Here is how I know Montana is not like New York, where I live:
1. Dead mountain lions are not seen that often on the back of pick up trucks on 86th street and Madison Avenue.

The hunter was 6’4″ with hands the size of dinner plates, yet…

Lion takes up 3/4 of the large truck bed.

2. New Yorkers don’t follow the rules and obey signs pointing out where the old curmudgeons are supposed to sit. They just sit anywhere they want.

3. New Yorkers are too cool for slippers that look like cowboy boots. Except for me which is why I bought them. Best thing I got while in Montana.

1. We have goofy badly punning signs too.

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