End of Year Busy-ness

Boy, have I been remiss in posting! And here I’ve been put in charge of the Genius Bar at the New England SCBWI conference this spring…all about social media! Get on the stick, Katie!
But it is year end, and everyone knows how it gets. I started feeling like I hadn’t done anything this year because I haven’t sold a new manuscript in a while. So I decided to make a list of stuff I am working on at this moment, as a kind of perk myself up thing.

  • I’m now actively pursuing sponsors for the podcast
  • I have Nook-ified my ebook, How to Promote Your Children’s Book: Tips, Tricks, and Secrets to Create a Bestseller
  • I have posted my next three podcasts, two of which are re-runs, since they’ll publish over the holidays and my upcoming bday (my first break in 75 episodes!)
  • I have sent secret packages to everyone who contributes or has contributed to my show (can’t tell you what I sent them because what if they read it here?!)
  • I’m reading all my Cybils Award short listed books
  • I’m done with holiday shopping (YAY!)
  • I’m making a list of where to send my “sizzle” reel so I can recommend books on local/NY shows, and not just in CT.
  • Um…what else? I made my bed today.
  • Really, there is more, I swear but I feel better so I’m going to go now.

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