For Our Mother…Earth

I hate going to the supermarket. There are SO many steps – at least where I live. First you gotta drive there, get stuck in traffic, find a parking space. Then you have to actually shop, worry you’re getting the best price, healthiest item, freshest produce. Then you have to wait on line, and pay tons ‘o bucks. Then you have to load everything into your car, which, if your back hurts, is no fun at all. Then you still have the drive back, and unloading. NOT THAT YOU ARE DONE BY THAT POINT! No, now you have to put everything in its proper place.
BUT. I have discovered something wonderful. If you use canvas bags to lug your groceries, it makes the whole process way easier. Not only will you help the environment in a BIG way, you’ll feel righteous doing it. Not only will you feel righteous doing it, you’ll make it easier on yourself because for some reason, those canvas bags are so much easier to carry. And they have a much lower tear factor – no more broken eggs.
Here’s the thing: those little plastic bags that we use for the minutes it takes to get the stuff home are The Worst thing for the earth. They take 1,000 years to degrade. They ought to be outlawed.
Say NO to bags! Especially plastic one. And remember what great exercise it is to run back out to your car when you forget them! And they work well for other stores too! Bring them everywhere!

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  • Tasha
    April 23, 2008 - 8:37 am · Reply

    My mom usually uses canvas bags, except when she forgets, but then she uses paper! I think it is so important that people are aware of the problems that plastic bags create. Like you said, not only do they increase the chance of broken eggs, but are horrible for the planet. Something that I thought was really cool was that the grocery store Whole Foods is totally eliminating plastic bags and only using paper. They also give refunds for each bag you bring so they don’t have to waste their bags.

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