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I have a lot to be grateful for, in this week of thanks giving. But to receive this particular fan letter this particular week seemed perfect. This is literally the best fan letter I have ever received. I’ve had one fave for a long time, from a mom whose child started to read because of one of my books, but this is from an actual reader. A reader whose life I changed. In a sustained period where I’ve gotten nothing but rejections, that means more than I can express. This fan letter reminded me why I write books for kids.
Dear Katie Davis,
Your book helped me become the person I am today. So to begin with, I
just want to say thank you for writing “The Curse of Addy
McMahon”. Every once in a while, I come across a book that I just
can’t put down until it’s finished. But your novel was so much
more than that to me.
I already enjoyed reading to begin with, so don’t think your book
taught me to have a good time while reading. But when my dad gave me a
signed copy of your novel from one of his business trips, it looked
like one of those “overly dramatic” books with the word
“curse” and all that. So I did the usual, I stuffed it on to the
shelf in my room, never to be seen again. But those days always seem
to sneak up on you, the days when you’re lying on your bed, bored to
death, and your hand reaches towards one of those long lost books.
Only my hand chose yours.
I was immediately hooked. For one, Addy was just like me. I love to
write. You see, before I read your book, I was going to join the
school newspaper, but I was worried people wouldn’t like what I
wrote. Now, I do the comics for the paper, because of your book. Your
novel inspired me to become a better writer.
You know how Addy and Marsha are enemies? Well, I have a few myself.
But in your book, Addy showed me how to become friends with those who
aren’t already friends. They’re being kinder to me every day.
Lastly, your book kept me going through some hard times. Addy’s dad
died of cancer, and she was really depressed. She couldn’t get past
it. Like Addy, some family members of mine have recently passed away,
and when she let the past behind her, so did I.
So really, this letter isn’t to show off my writing skills, or to
prove how good your book is. The reason I wrote this letter is to say
thank you for changing me.
-name protected for her privacy

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