LA Times Lists Why an Adult Might Read Juvenile Fiction

Why must we explain this? Why is it that my mother-in-law, (you know who you are!), upon seeing me read an adult book will inevitably tease, “Oh, I thought you only read books for kids?” Like it’s a bad thing?!

Novels for kids are often – one might even say more often – better written than books written for adult readers. They have to be. How many adults do you know who’ve said, “I hate the book I’m reading but I have to finish it”? Kids will say, “This book sucks. I’m not reading it.” We writers for children are held to a higher standard by our readers!

Lizzie Skurnick, who was quoted in the article, said,

“YA authors are able to take themselves less seriously. They’re able to have a little more fun, and they’re less confined by this idea of themselves as Very Important Artists. That paradoxically leads them to create far better work than people who are trying to win awards.”

I know pa-lenty of YA authors who take themselves too seriously. Well, maybe not themselves, but their craft. And I know not a single author or illustrator who, in his or her heart of hearts doesn’t want to win a big award. What’s wrong with awards? Nuthin’! Especially if they get books into the hands of kids, which is often what happens.

Poz thought of today? I proudly read children’s books! And you know what else? What I write can change a kid’s life. I love that. Gonna go write now.

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