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Well, I finally joined the blogging masses. I could easily make this my latest black-hole-time-suck activity. I guess we’ll see, won’t we?
I named this Brain Burps because I plan on writing about anything relating to my work, and didn’t want to categorize myself into a corner. I’ll have writing advice, book opinions, and idea sharing. I may include personal stuff, but maybe not. That’s the beauty of my blog name. If Brain Burp seems gross to you, take comfort in the fact that I *was* going to name it Brain Barf but I thought I should be more mature.
See you soon,

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  • tigerzrock
    June 8, 2007 - 1:27 pm · Reply

    Hi Mrs.Davis. Natasha here! I was wondering, what inspired you to write Mabel the tooth fairy?


  • Katie Davis
    June 18, 2007 - 12:56 pm · Reply

    I was so surprised that I had any comments on my blog! This is very exciting. And my daughter’s friend is my first visitor.

    Hi Natasha! You asked what inspired me to write Mabel the Tooth Fairy and How She Got Her Job? Hmmm, well, apparently I have a dental obsession. A child in a school pointed that out to me – I hadn’t realized it. But if you look at my picture books, there is some kind of dental comment or issue in almost every one!

    I think I wondered exactly what the title says: how DID the tooth fairy get her job? Then I started imagining all kinds of different scenarios, most of which didn’t end up in the book (see my “outtakes” section). Because I was dealing with an established legend, it was very hard to write. For example, we accept automatically that she works at night, only takes teeth from children, and pays for what she takes. I felt the need to explain all that. Hope that helps a little.

    Hi Bill, Mary and Roxy! Thanks for visiting my blog. Anyone else who reads this…Bill Crider, Mary Bowman-Kruhm and Roxyanne Young are all fellow children’s writers, so go check them out at your local public library!

    See you soon, Katie

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