Six Ways to Get Yourself Writing After the Long Weekend

After a long weekend getting back into the swing of things isn’t always easy!

  1. BIC = Butt In Chair! Jane Yolen‘s famous words of advice is the obvious first step!
  2. Write anything. Stumped on that picture book you’re working on? Have an idea and are daunted by how to begin? Write a how to. How to make your bed, how to cook soup…doesn’t matter. Have fun with it and get your writing juices flowing.
  3. I once had what I thought was a great manuscript…but the ancillary characters were flat and boring. Bring them to life by writing a scene from your antagonist’s POV. You’ll learn what his or her favorite foods are, why he or she behaves that way, and maybe in the process you’ll get more empathy for the character, giving your story more depth.
  4. Have lunch with friends. Yep, step away from the computer. Sometimes that distance will bring you closer to your goal.
  5. Having trouble visualizing your character/s? Look through some magazines, or do a Google search for “character actors” and use a real person as a jumping off point.
  6. Have some sense! That is, remember to use your five senses when depicting a scene. Close your eyes and live it.

Right now you might be thinking I have no idea what I’m talking about, considering the seemingly opposite nature of #1 and #4. The idea is to do what works for you. Just keep writing!

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