The First Fan of Little Chicken's Big Day!

I doubt this could get any cuter! A bookseller sent this to my private email after showing her little girl the F&G (the unbound copy) of our upcoming book, Little Chicken’s Big Day.
Check out the progression of her expressions!

She studiously examines the cover…

First, she studiously examines the cover

… gets really excited and then …

...and gets so excited that...

… actually pets Little Chicken! And then…

...she pets Little Chicken and then can't resist...

… can’t resist hugging the book! the book a big hug! You cannot ask for more love than that!

You can’t get a better recommendation than that!

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  • Carol Baldwin
    April 2, 2011 - 7:57 pm · Reply

    Very cute! I want to pet the chicken too!!! I was looking around your website–did you post the video of the NC teachers singing to you and I just can’t find it? If it’s here, would you mind emailing the link to me? Thanks, carol

    • katie
      April 2, 2011 - 8:57 pm · Reply

      I posted it on my Facebook page but only just realized I never posted it here! Duh! Would you mind sending me the YouTube link and I’ll grab the code and embed it – maybe this week in my post about Skype visits! I have to (sheepishly) admit, I’ve watched that video at LEAST 10 times, I love it so much!

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