Writing, Life, and Balance

When I knew I was going to the Highlights Founders workshop for five days, I set up my blog posts for the whole week. This week, not so much. But then again, here is what happened, starting Saturday:

  • Benny (son) in ski accident> ER>leg brace
  • Ruby (daughter) 103 fever through Tuesday
  • Jerry on biz trip
  • Car breaks down
  • toilet overflows
  • need I say more?

Yesterday I had a school visit where it seemed Murphy lay (laid?) down the law, yet it went well in the end. And now, here I sit grumbling to myself for not having any posts up this week. Then I remember I did have a post up on Monday…no! Two! And my podcast is done! So you know what, self? LAY OFF!
And besides, self, I say, you got distracted with Pinterest.

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  • Julie Falatko
    March 15, 2012 - 7:29 am · Reply

    Not to get all examiney of my online life, but I find that Pinterest is the perfect quick distraction, whereas other social media forms seem to suck me in more and I have to kick and scream my way out. I can do Pinterest for five minutes and it’s somehow very satisfying. And I like the sweaters you made! Every sweater I’ve ever made has made me look like a cow, so it got immediately Goodwilled (now I only make myself scarves).

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