A Pinterest Rockstar Shares Her Secrets

Brain Burps About Books Podcast #213

A Pinterest Rockstar Shares Her Secrets

An Interview with Kim Vij, the Powerhouse behind “The Educator’s Spin On It”
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A Pinterest Rock Star Shares Her Secrets

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This Week’s Guest is Kim Vij!
Kim Vij - Pinterest Rockstar
Kim Vij is a Pinterest Consultant, Educator, Blogger, Freelance Writer and Speaker. Using The Educators’ Spin On It, she has created award winning boards on Pinterest with over 1.6 Million followers by focusing pins on Education and Parenting. She’s successfully partnered with leading children’s educational bloggers and brands to create powerful Pinterest boards for early childhood education. In the past three years she has discovered how to reach out to parents to encourage them to become their child’s first teacher by blogging and pinning resources and tips onto her Pinterest Boards. As a mom of 3, Kim enjoys sharing simple ways to make every day moments into learning opportunities.
The Educators Spin by Kim Vij

Kim and I talk about

• What to name your author board. (Hint: Use Pinterest Name-author)
• How to pick a niche topic.
• How create a character building board.
• Naming your boards.
• What to use for board descriptions and how tabs connect.
• The educational aspects of Pinterest.
• How often should you change your board covers?
• Promoted pins – paying for pins to be promoted.
Picmonkey.com and Canva.com.
• What is the maximum size image you can use?
• How to pin to secret boards and release later.
• Should you use Tailwind or Viraltag or Ahalogy?
• Can you change the name of your board?
• How to embed your boards on your site.
• The steps to a perfect pin.
• What should be in your pin description? Answer: Title for the blog post, plus one more sentence, about 100 characters total.
• What are the Pinterest don’ts?

Note to my podcast listeners

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Recent Comments

    • Katie
      January 24, 2015 - 3:49 pm · Reply

      It was completely my pleasure, Julie. I learned so much and I really hope my listeners use Kim’s info to grow their platforms!

  • Kim Black Vij
    January 23, 2015 - 8:23 pm · Reply

    Thank you so much to Katie Davis for inviting me to be on your podcast, we did get carried away! Hope your podcast listeners are able to take a few tips from our Pinterest chat and apply today to their accounts. See you at the KidLit TV Pinterest Party next week!

  • Kristin Ammerman
    January 23, 2015 - 10:47 pm · Reply

    Great interview, Katie & Kim! I learned a couple of new tricks, myself, based on latest Pinterest changes. Thank you!

    • Katie
      January 24, 2015 - 3:48 pm · Reply

      Thanks, Kristin! Me too! Kim was a great guest… can’t wait to attend the Pinterest party on Thursday for KidlitTV!

    • Katie
      February 2, 2015 - 9:50 pm · Reply

      OH MY GOSH! Really? I’ve never been nominated for anything – well, at least that I know of! I’m so, so flattered! Thank you Donna! Wow. This is amazing!

  • Taurean J. Watkins (@Taurean_Watkins)
    January 29, 2015 - 5:36 pm · Reply

    Great episode as always,
    I’m trying to get back on Pinterest more which I started a decent account, but took a break from when I go obsessed with YouTube, I’m going to work out a schedule and use Kim’s tip for having a secret board to backlog future pins to make public a bit at a time.
    I totally break the hash tags rule, but I hope the hash tags I use are specific and unique to my content and I try REALLY HARD to make them natural. I find for my emerging audience the hash tags help people find me on Facebook, and Twitter, of course. I find I since getting back into Pinterest that my most popular pins have a unique hash tag I use.
    For example, I post my “Weekly Reading” review posts from my blog and use #WeeklyReadings, and it helps search results catalog them according to what I can make out from my analytics.
    That said, I’ve tried and failed countless times to verify my Pinterest account…
    Anyway, great episode, took me longer to get to, but I’ll be at the Pinterest Party!
    Take Care,
    Taurean J. Watkins (Taury)

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