A Bundle of Love for Writers

A few weeks back, maybe a month, my new friend Alexis at The Write Life asked me if I wanted to be a part of a bundle.


I asked her, “A bundle of what?” You know what she should’ve said? 

“A bundle of love for writers, is what!”


Here’s what she actually said:

“It’s called The Writer’s Bundle. 

TWL Bundle Headshots Grapic_500a
It’s a package of nine ebooks and courses on: 

  • freelancing
  • self-publishing
  • marketing
  • productivity
  • and more.”  

My buddy Joseph Nicoletti, The Scrivener Coach, is one of the peeps providing some of this amazingness for writers. And I am, too! 
Here are some of the big names contributing to this bundle of love for writers (I’m honored to be in this pack, let me tell you!) So check this out: 

  • Joel Friedlander
  • James Chartrand
  • Charlie Gilkey
  • Sarah Kathleen Peck. 
  • Plus, my Video Idiot Boot Camp is included, too!

But here’s the best part: If you purchased each of these resources individually, they would run you $1,076. Through this bundle, you can grab the entire package for just $99. 
What’s the catch? Because this is such a good deal, my friends over at The Write Life are offering it for THREE DAYS ONLY. That means if you want it, grab it NOW.

Download The Writer’s Bundle Here

Want more details? Here’s what you get when you download The Writer’s Bundle: 

  • Kindle Launch Plan: $1,400 in 30 Days & an Amazon Bestseller, from Nick Loper (retails for $99)
  • Content Strategy for Thought Leaders, from Sarah Kathleen Peck (retails for $300)
  • Learn Scrivener Fast, from Joseph Michael (retails for $179)
  • Book Proposal & Manuscript Template, from Joel Friedlander (retails for $27)
  • The Momentum Kickstarter Kit, from Charlie Gilkey (retails for $47)
  • Authority: A Step-By-Step Guide to Self-Publishing, from Nathan Barry (retails for $39)
  • Turn Your Side Hustle Into a Full-Time Business, from Alexis Grant (retails for $47)
  • Video Idiot Boot Camp, from Katie Davis (retails for $297)
  • Write for the Web, from James Chartrand (retails for $23)

Remember: It’s only available until Wednesday, March 11th, at 11:59 p.m. EST. Get your hands on this amazing offer while you can!
P.S. Here’s the link again: Download The Writer’s Bundle.

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