Stella Orange Teleseminar … and Ethiopia?

A quick question before I launch into today’s blog entry. I am SO curious who the people might be who are downloading my podcast from all these cool countries! And these aren’t all of them! If you live in one of these countries, will you tell me please? I mean, there have been dozens – that’s not a typo! – of downloads from Ethiopia. Do you think that was one person was having trouble and kept clicking or a whole bunch of different people rushing to listen to my show? Like I said, I’m curious!

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Now to my real post. I received this email from a woman about a teleseminar she’s hosting this week, and since she and her business partner will also be the subjects of my show this week, I thought you all might be interested in signing up for it! I know I’ll be there! Keep tuned for the podcast (I’ll upload it on Wednesday, and you can listen to it, then join in on the conversation

Here is the email and the info:

Dear Katie,

Why is it that websites make otherwise smart people
become so mixed up?

It’s like the internet is a “bizarro” world, where
everything you know doesn’t apply.

So you rely on “experts”. To tell you what to do. To fix
things. To keep your website current. Which leaves
you feeling rather helpless… and frustrated.

It’s like flying blind with both hands tied behind your back.

Well, it doesn’t have to be like that. You can take your
website back from your webmaster, and make updates and
changes to your heart’s content. And it’s easier than they’d
have you believe!

My West Coast creative partner Lisa Gottfried and I are
hosting a FREE teleseminar next Wednesday, September 8
as an orientation to WordPress websites and all that
they can do for your business.
Date: Wednesday, September 8

Time: 5 p.m. Eastern/2 p.m. Pacific

Duration: 60 minutes

Registration details

Note that you can listen on your computer or on your phone.

I’ve actually got a WordPress website, and Lisa is the one
who helped me set it up. I’m not much of a tech-type, but Lisa
knows what she’s doing. And best of all, she can always put technical stuff in words I understand.

On this call, Lisa will be going over all the things a WordPress
website does – things a web designer usually charges $3,000 or
more to deliver. She’ll also talk about how easy it is to keep a
blog or change things on your website as your business changes
and grows. And without having to pay a webmaster to do it!

And of course, I’ll be there, too, to add my two cents about
what to write on your website (and what you should skip). I’ll
also be talking about how websites are pretty much their own
“genre” of writing. Totally different from articles, essays,
or brochures. (And you know I’ll give you some great tips for
how to do it right!)

You can count on getting a lot of great tips on this call.


P.S. Even if you’re just considering redoing your website, you’re
totally welcome to join us. And bring your questions for the Q&A
at the end!

Stella Orange Wordsmith


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