Episode #61 – What is Literacy? Pam Allyn Answers

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Pam Allyn is a literacy advocate who is changing the world. Yes, the entire world.
In this episode you’ll hear

In the interview with Pam Allyn you’ll hear:

  • the evil I did
  • Pam’s unique and useable tips to get kids reading
  • me recommending (again) Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to NOT Reading
  • LitLife
  • LitWorld
  • Stand Up for Girls Day (see below)
  • how to get around the problem of preaching to the choir
  • Pam’s first job out of college and how it shaped her future
  • my evil 6th grade teacher and how my fear of her led me to learn sign language
  • World Read Aloud Day
  • The big question

Stand Up for Girls on September 22, the International Day of the Girl
Two thirds of all the world’s illiterate people are women. On September 22, we will stand up for girls and their right to go to school and to learn to read and write. Let us join together to launch a campaign to advocate for a transformative new era in girls’ education.
Every girl has the right to a quality education that will ensure she has a lifelong way to protect herself, advocate for herself, learn what she wants to know and be who she wants to be. Every girl has the right to read and write words that will change her, and to write and tell stories to change the world.
Stand Up for Girls in 3 Easy Ways:
1) Spread the word. Use the Stand Up for Girls Avatar on all of your social media pages from now until September 22. “Like” and “Follow” LitWorld on Facebook and Twitter, and update your status to spread the word about Stand Up for Girls. Sample status updates:
Facebook: Join @litworld and me in the rally for Girls Education on the International Day of the Girl Sept 22! I stand up for girls and believe in giving them a quality education so that they can tell the stories that will change the world. Join the movement: litworld.org
Twitter: Join @litworldsays and me to stand up for girls’ education on the Intl Day of the Girl Sept 22: http://litworld.org #standupforgirls
2) Stand Up. At noon your time on September 22, take ten seconds to physically stand up wherever you are (wear the Stand Up for Girls Badge– posted below!) to give recognition and awareness to the movement. Take a photo of yourself standing up for girls and post it on LitWorld’s Facebook wall.
3) March. Organize a Stand Up for Girls March or event in your classroom, workplace or neighborhood on September 22 to bring awareness to your community about the urgency of providing girls with a quality education.
Contact LitWorld for translations of this information, including alternate versions of the Avatar and Badge images.

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