Episode #28 Except If Jim Averbeck Comes on the Show

Jim Averbeck is the talent behind the new picture book, Except If, and the fabulous ALA “red carpet” interviews. Have a listen!

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  Show Notes

Episode #28
Guest: Jim Averbeck
Follow him on Twitter: @JimAverbeck

Want to keep the convo going? Call my voice mail hotline: 888-522-1929 

In this episode I answer a great question from Grace Lin and we (or I) talk about:

  • Breakfast Serials and Linda Sue Park’s A Long Walk to Water and the interesting way Jim illustrated the two stories Linda Sue told.
  • What happens when the title of the book you’re working on is announced as the title of another person’s book.
  • The car seat toilet
  • What happens when your deadline time is being chewed away as you wait for your editor’s input.  
  • How Elizabeth O. Dulemba and Dianne de las Casas increased their episode’s downloads

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