New Feature to Brain Burps About Books

Happy New Year, everyone! I’m back from my vacation, my studio is (almost) clean – more about that in a sec, I’m refreshed and ready to hit the 2012 ground running. Well, fast walking. But the point is, I’m back to regular blogging and I’m psyched.
One reason is that I will have a new addition to the podcast! How did I never think of this before? I have no idea. But elementary school librarian Mary Ann Scheuer will be submitting book app reviews to the show! I don’t know if they’ll be weekly or occasional like my other contributors’ reviews, but I’m very excited. And astonished it had never occurred to me! Mary Ann approached me after this FANTASTIC interview she did on NPR.
Welcome, Mary Ann!
If you can wait till later this week, I’m going to show you a little movie of me cleaning my studio in timelapse. It’s kind of pathetic how you can actually watch me get distracted. Over and over and over again!

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