#97 – Your Questions Answered About Facebook – Part 1

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In this episode you’ll hear

  • an interview with Robyn Bradley, author and Facebook expert (even though she denies it).
  • a review from Julie Falatko: Say Hello to Zorro by Carter Goodrich
  • Julie Hedlund Gets All Grateful on Your A**

  • the deadline is 8 PM, on July 1.
  • an unbelievable – truly, you may not believe this – story
  • Operation Unfriend…But Like!
  • Thank yous for iTunes reviews

In the interview with Robyn you’ll hear about

  • why it’s a good idea to separate your profile from your page
  • best ways to use Facebook
  • Robyn’s blog
  • (by the way, check out this novel of Robyn’s on amazon here:  What Happened in Granite Creek)
  • whether you should create a list so you can remain on your profile and not lose Facebook friends
  • whether a page is one-sided and how to avoid that
  • the legalities of using a profile for business
  • way too many Facebook questions to list here!
  • the fact that we realized this needs to be a two-part episode

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