I just got this email! How will I ever sleep again?!

Dear Katie,

URgr8 and Addy is 2!
I just loved the book. Funny, fun, clever with depth and wisdom and a fews pangs, too. I couldn’t put it down. A pleasure to read. I am relieved (not surprised) that I don’t have to carefully construct my response, because my enthusiasm is genuine. Addy lives, I cared and care about her and it was lovely to spend time with her. I think librarians will like the book (a lot!) and kids will love it even more-
Congratulations, the faeries are smiling, I am sure, as am I.
-From Judith Rovenger, Youth Services Consultant for the Westchester (NY) Library System

And her official review:

New York author/artist Katie Davis, has written her first novel for middle graders and tweens and it is snappy, clever and fun. Sixth-grader Addy is a budding writer, and the novel is filled with excerpts from her comic strip style diary (called an autobiogra-strip). Addy is having a tough year and she is convinced that she is afflicted by the family curse. The evidence is convincing—her mom’s boyfriend is moving in to the guest room (is it really a temporary arrangement?).. she has a fight with her best friend and then there is the writing contest she is afraid to enter because maybe she won’t win. Underneath the light-hearted story of tween angst, is the story of a girl dealing with the grief of losing a father. Fans of Naylor’s Alice books will enjoy Addy as another less than perfect heroine that they will identify with and root for…and take to their hearts. Recommended!

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  • Anonymous
    March 13, 2008 - 1:03 am · Reply

    I just stumbled in here… searching for “brain burbs” of all things. What exciting news for you! CONGRATS from a complete stranger! 🙂

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