Not Only Did I Win, But Here Are Some Catty Observations

I picked 16 correct wins and won $100 last night! Actually, it was a profit of $60 since my husband, two kids and I put in $40. Still, as my grandmother used to say, “It’s better than a kick in the pants!”

Best dress: too many to choose from. Katherine Heigl is perfection, Helen Mirren was elegant and gorgeous and the jewels on everyone . . . Sigh.

Worst: What was that schmata on Daniel Day Lewis’ wife? And that anchor of a broach? Really far and away the most unattractive outfit of the evening, poor thing.

Winner of the Never Wear A Dress or Hairstyle You Have To Futz With Award goes to . . . Renee Zelweiger, who also needs to eat a double cheesburger. Make that two.

Hope you won a pot too!

See you soon,


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  • Amy Timberlake
    February 25, 2008 - 7:15 pm · Reply

    Okay, I don’t know how I did it but I got 17 right. It’s an amazing feat for Amy Timberlake. My husband also got 17, but with different picks — so we tied for first. And my friend who hosted the party had some awesome prizes — I got a couple of soundtracks and a Blockbuster gift certificate.

    Other observations? I totally want to look like Helen Mirran (sp?) when I grow up. She’s so gorgeous. And THAT DRESS. Stunning ruby color . . . oh man oh man.

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