Repeat These Words After Me

This is pretty private but so good and so funny how could I not share it? My brother, Nick sent it to me, I think when my business Dirty Dishes had to be shut down. It’s not dated, but it has to be at least 13 years old since I haven’t lived in LA in about that long. I have a feeling it’s from the 80’s and inspired by the old Stuart Smalley bit that Al Franken used to do but I also know my brother and I must’ve been going through a low point. He’s one of the most positive people I know.

But I digress. My husband just found it, framed and covered in filth in our garage. I can’t imagine what possessed me to put it anywhere except on my mantel!

Repeat These Words After Me – (out loud of course)

I am the best person in L.A.!
I am the best person in the world!
I really like myself!
I do great work and people love it!
I treat people well!
My parents love me more! (ha.)
I have a great family, except for Nick. (smiley face drawing)
Life is so good.
I am a very lucky woman (it’s true)
I’m so healthy and vibrant.
I don’t fart much!
I forgive myself for _____________________.
Everything will be okay!
My biz is going to be fine!
I have so many successes!
I have the coolest brother in the world!
Golly what a nice day it is!

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