Forgive Me

At first I was going to entitle this post, “Shame. Guilt.”
Then I thought, “Nah. I’m giving myself a break.” I hope you will too.
Boy, have I neglected my site, or what? Why? Because Jerry and I took over here. The Institute for Writers and its sister school, the almost 50-year-old Institute of Children’s Literature. It’s been crazy busy–even more than usual–but the guilt I’ve had over ignoring the site I put so much work into has been e-NOR-mous. 
So I just wanted to stop by, say hi, and let you loyal followers know where I’ve been for 18 months or so. And let you know we are (re)building something truly fantastic. Something I believe will help writers make their dreams come true. And it’s incredibly exciting to do, so I hope you’ll check us out, and maybe even join the Facebook group, here.

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