Guide to Literary Criticism

Dog and kids sketchbookProJane Stemp Wickenden brought this to my attention.
A few years ago British author Sarah Harrison (author of HOT BREATH and COLD FEET among other novels) wrote this guide to terms used by reviewers:

Sarah Harrison's Guide to Literary Criticism

Enchanting : there's a dog in it.
Heartwarming : a dog and a child.
Heartrending : they die.
Thoughtful : tedious.
Thought-provoking : tedious and hectoring.
Haunting : set in the past.
Exotic : set abroad.
Prize-winning : set in India.
Perceptive : set in London NW3.
Epic : editor cowed by writer's reputation.
From the pen of a master : same old same old.
In the tradition of : shamelessly derivative.
Provocative : irritating.
Spare and taut : under-researched.
Richly detailed : over-researched.

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