#106 – Poetry with Pun Poems: Douglas Florian

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In this episode you’ll hear

In the interview with Douglas Florian we talk about poetry with pun poems and…

  • great design influences: Milton Glaser
  • whether or not he’ll write poems about weather whether or not he finds time
  • how he balances social media and writing, poetry Friday
  • post-publication depression and how to avoid it
  • Daniel Pinkwater‘s stamp of approval
  • Mike Romanos – Children’s Room Director at Poet’s House, 212-431-7920 ext. 2825
  • my “exquisite corpse” poetry workshop for school visits

The Boacropped+upside+down+cake

By Douglas Florian

Just when you think you know the boa,
There’s moa and moa and moa and moa.

The Giant Water Bug

By Douglas Florian

The giant water bug can lug
His eggs upon his back.
He gives them extra care up there
And guards them from attack.
The mother glues them to the dad,
And on his way they stay.
But does he ever get a card
Or gift on Father’s Day?
Doug Florian
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