Artie Bennett Shoots the Straight Poop

Brain Burps About Books Episode 198:

Science Books for Children About Things We Don't Talk About

Artie Bennett
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This week’s guest is Artie Bennett. Despite the titles of his books, like Poopendous!, Belches, Burps, and Farts-Oh My!, The Butt Book, and Peter Panda Melts Down, Artie is a true lover of words. He was a prodigy as a child. A word prodigy. How does that reveal itself in a child that grows up to be a writer? He becomes a crossword puzzle creator. He’s a punster and a rhyming champ.
Artie and I talk about

  • Artie’s obscure but fascinating claim to fame (every writer should have this talent).
  • How he told Abe Minzer, his best friend about getting his first NY Times Crossword puzzle printed.
  • Artie’s scientific scatological interests leading to bestsellers!

Poopendous by Artie Bennet
Belches Burps and Farts Oh My by Artie Bennett
The Butt Book by Artie Bennett
Peter Pan Melts Down by Artie Bennett
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  • Stefan MM
    October 16, 2014 - 4:33 am · Reply

    My words (and please forgive, as english is not my mother tongue – this are some german words for farts 🙂 )
    I had so much fun, hearing this Podcast, thanks for making it!
    Especially since i stopped my book for 8-10 yr olds some months ago, as i found the idea stupid. You showed me that my guts where right and i have to get back on it and finish it. Thanks for that!

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