Smart Talk | Effective Communication – Pt 1

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Show Notes

Episode #145 – Part 1

Why This Week is in Two Parts

Lisa B. Marshall knows all about Smart Talk and effective communication and was so chock full of information, and had so many great answers that before I knew it I had a show that ran an hours and 25 minutes! I’ve cut it into parts one and two. Next week you’ll just get a quick hello, no announcements, gratitude or reviews, etc., just the continuation of the interview. ‘Kay? ‘Kay.


Lisa B. Marshall, author of Smart Talk (click to buy on Amazon here or iTunes here)

Get the audiobook here

What’s in the interview
  • how she got GE to pay for her master’s degree in communications
Next week we cover
  • how Lisa’s podcast became part of the most popular network in iTunes
  • the best three tips for any speaker
  • prepping for a panel
  • her brilliant promotion, the Smart Talk Challenge which you can take by clicking that link! Complete the challenge to get “Top Ten Smart Talk Tips” free and a cool completion certificate.
  • how to get a big name author or expert to blurb you
  • the best kind of presentation is a __________ — I wouldn’t have been able to fill in that blank – can you?

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  • Zach
    July 31, 2013 - 1:58 pm · Reply

    Hi Katie! I hope this doesn’t sound rude or impatient but was just curious if you had received my questions that I emailed to you last week?
    Glad your daughter is okay and hope that she isn’t too shaken by the crash.

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