Writing Prompts | Be Don Draper

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Watch the video and then check out the additional questions to prompt you into a fresh writing week! Have fun!

Here is the prompt:
Old commercials can sound really goofy to us. The language is different, the syntax, the way they sell a product is dorky! See if you can be like Don Draper (have you ever seen Mad Men? If not, just go with it)…

  • Pick an era, whether the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s
  • Create a new product or pick an existing one (bonus points for creating one!)
  • Name it!
  • Convince the audience why they should buy it
  • What are the selling points?  Make them as dorky as possible!
  • Don’t forget to include the five senses in describing your product (it can be a service, too)
  • Do you have a spokesperson?
  • Why is your service or product better than your competitors?


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