BlogWorld & New Media Expo!

I’m getting so excited – and less nervous – about my panels at BlogWorld & New Media Expo. Now that my questions are set for the panel I’m producing, I’ve got my moderator “script” done, and the handout is finished I feel confident. Amazing how preparation will do that for a person. Remember that, peeps, preparation is a friend of the confident!
I get the feeling that most people speaking at BWE have followers much more heavily invested in social media than you, my dear readers. That is, their business is social media (this is my impression – I’ll follow up and let you know). But that is why I never put too much on my blog about it. However, now that I’ve come up for air, here is their description, if you don’t know about it.
BlogWorld & New Media Expo is the first and only industry-wide conference, tradeshow & media event for all New Media! Anyone who is creating content online with Blogging, Podcasting, Vlogging, Web TV or Internet Radio, Social Media, or New Media Content of any kind should attend BlogWorld & New Media Expo!
This is the one conference where you’ll find the most comprehensive and critical knowledge for growing your business, brand and audience with the latest new media technology, methods and tools.
If you are interested in, or currently blog, podcast or vlog about business, technology, politics, sports, lifestyle & culture, general news items, celebrity gossip, marketing, entertainment, music or any other topic — you need to be here to learn how to:

  • Create your blog and cover buzzworthy topics
  • Make your blog stand out from the competition
  • Promote your blog via distribution channels and social media
  • Network with other bloggers and influencers
  • Expand the audience of your podcast, video blog, web TV or internet radio show
  • Produce your best podcasts, web TV, and radio shows
  • Supercharge your marketing with tools like Twitter and Facebook
  • Generate a diverse, loyal and interactive community around your content and company
  • Respond to customer feedback with best online practices
  • Measure the reach of your show, blog, and community
  • Avoid problems by becoming educated on critical points for ethical online content

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